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Game of Tones

2016-04-18 16:35:13 by raggd46

To go along with my Game of Tones audio, we made a music video!


2016-04-03 11:51:48 by raggd46


I had a bunch of people on Newgrounds that I owe music time to, and it all had to take a backseat as I have been recording the above track. I hope that you enjoy, and looking forward to getting back into Newgrounds stuff!


If you'd like to keep track of the group I did this with you can find their new page at

Hans Zimmer Competition!

2014-01-30 07:35:22 by raggd46

So I entered this yesterday, here's the fruits of four hours work.

It'd be cool to see other Newgrounders enter, they're looking for something really creative, and if we know anything about this site is that its hella creative.

You can vote for me and enter yourself here:

Merry Christmas everyone! Until i can work out how to get the video and audio from the guy who recorded onto newgrounds, heres a link to Silent night that we recorded a few weeks ago in preparation for Christmas.

May your holidays be boozy and joyful :)



The Man who won't rhyme

2013-12-09 12:32:51 by raggd46

This is really really good, not many shorts like this can get their message across so clearly and this did it. Felt I had to share it.

My First Featured audio!

2013-10-11 10:54:13 by raggd46

Hooray for that. But more importantly, found this great piece of art, and considering I love Marvel it is a piece of genius.

Choral Stimulation Auditions

2013-09-30 06:00:20 by raggd46

If you're in Glasgow, read this post. If you're not in Glasgow, enjoy the video and feel free to share with friends who may also find it funny!

We have auditions for the group i sing in on Sunday 6th, so last week we decided to make a video to advertise the fact.


Back to covers

2013-08-04 11:12:21 by raggd46 dated=1
I love this arrangement. Unfortunately I can't take credit for it :( Its my predecessor in the group Choral Stimulation, but I'm thinking of maybe reviving it to go on our CD that we're thinking of making...


2013-08-04 04:40:04 by raggd46

First post, and its jumping in the deep end!
Last week I was asked to step in for the Newgrounds Audio Deathmatch 2013 1st round when someone else pulled out. This put me up against the very talented dj-jo ( his submission). As you can see from my feed I mainly focus on acapella covers/mashups that I could use for my acapella group, so writing a new piece from scratch was difficult for me; nevertheless, here it is: